Church membership is how we formally recognize and commit to one another as believers under the Headship of Christ, in the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit, to the glory of God the Father.


While the term “church membership” isn’t found in the New Testament, the practice is implied in each use of the word church. The New Testament reveals the local church in terms of a definable membership.

The Bible contains at least four categories of evidence for local church membership. Each reveal something vital to the Christian faith which would be minimized or denied if there were no definable local church membership: (1) Body; (2) Shepherding; (3) Discipline; (4) Submission.


Step 1

If you are interested in pursuing the next step toward membership, let us know by completing this brief form in the resources to start the membership process.   We will contact you to set up a membership interview with one of our pastors.  During this interview we will discuss the signficance of the gospel, believer’s baptism, our vision, covenant and core documents.   These can be found in the Membership Packet.

Step 2

Complete the Membership Questionnaire.  On this questionnaire you will be asked to tell us your understanding of the gospel and write out your testimony of your faith in Jesus Christ.   Also, you will be asked to affirm our core documents, such as our Church Covenant and Statement of Faith.   The link to our Membership Questionniare and core documents can be found in the resources below.

Step 3

After completing the Membership Questionniare you will be contacted by one of our pastors.  We will schedule a Sunday to be presented to our congregation for affirmation of membership.

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